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About Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah:
The show is inspired from the famous humorous column 'Duniya Ne Undha Chasma' written by the eminent Gujarati writer Mr. Tarak Mehta. This story revolves around daily happenings in "Gokuldham Co-operative Society" and covers topical issues which are socially relevant. The show predominantly - revolves around 'Jethalal' (Dilip Joshi) who is an uneducated Gujarati businessman. Your 'Taarak Mehta' (Shailesh Lodha), is his neighbor. 'Jethalal' finds a friend and philosopher in 'Taarak Mehta' and often goes to him for advice whenever he is in trouble. Jethalaal's family includes his simpleton wife 'Daya Ben' (Disha Wakani) and a mischievous son 'Tapu' (Bhavya Gandhi / Raj Anadkat). Tapu is a menace and a constant source of trouble to all the members of Gokuldham. They have often warned 'Jethalal' to reform 'Tapu' or else be prepared to leave the premises. Lost hopes of being heard by his son push Jethalaal' to call his father 'Champaklal' (Amit Bhatt) from the village. This was his great idea of leashing some control over the mischievous Tapu. The opposite happens and the grandfather joins hands with the grandson to make life a roller coaster troublesome ride for Jethalal.

Dilip Joshi as Jethalal Champaklal Gada
Disha Vakani as Daya Jethalal Gada
Raj Anadkat / Bhavya Gandhi as Tipendra Jethalal Gada (Tapu)
Amit Bhatt as Champaklal Jayantilal Gada
Shailesh Lodha as Taarak Mehta
Neha Mehta as Anjali Taarak Mehta
Tanuj Mahashabde as Krishnan Subramaniam Iyer
Munmun Dutta as Babita Krishnan Iyer
Mandar Chandwadkar as Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide
Sonalika Joshi as Madhvi Aatmaram Bhide
Nidhi Bhanushali / Palak Sidhwani as Sonalika Aatmaram Bhide (Sonu)
Gurucharan Singh/ Balwinder suri as Roshan Singh Harjeet Singh Sodhi
Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal as Roshan Kaur Roshan Singh Sodhi
Kavi Kumar Azad / Nirmal Soni as Dr. Hansraj Hathi
Ambika Ranjankar as Komal Hansraj Hathi
Kush Shah as Gulabkumar Hansraj Hathi (Goli)
Shyam Pathak as Popatlal Pandey
Sharad Sankla as Abdul
Azhar Shaikh as Pinku

Produced By: Neela Asit Modi, Asit Kumarr Modi
Special Thanks: Mahesh Vakil, Indu Tarak Mehta
Set Design: Jayant Deshmukh
On-Air Promotion ( SAB): SAB OAP
Costume Designer: Alka Mehta
Costume Stylist: Ekta Brahmbhatt
Sound Recordist: Shakeel Mansuri
Cameraman: Aamir Virani
Production Head: Arvind Marchande
Production Controler: Vinod Shishupal
Background Music: Sunil Patni
Online Editors: Vishal Tambe, Sandeep Singh
Executive Producer: Jatin Yogesh Bajaj
Editor: Dinesh Gosavi
Creative Supervision: Krunal Khakhkhar
Operation Head: Sohil Ramani
Directors: Harshad Joshi, Malav Suresh Rajda

Television Adaptation and Designed By: Asit Kumarr Modi

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